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Securing large sites is a priority.The supply of lighting and monitoring equipment is made possible by using Augier energy transport solutions, for example: emergency lighting, remote buildings, pump and gate power, measuring equipment.
Most of the French nuclear power stations, such as the GUANG DONG power plant in China and the TABRIZ power station in the Middle East, use Augier’s HTI (high-voltage intermediate) distribution equipment.

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Most of France’s nuclear power plants, the GUANG DONG power station in China and the TABRIZ power station in the Middle East use Augier’s HTI (intermediate high voltage) distribution equipment. These include: The combination of a step-up station and a step-down station to supply power to usage points far away from low voltage sources, such as:
  • Drill pumps
  • Powered doors
  • Lift pumps
  • Reception building
For lighting applications, the combination of a LT/MV step-up transformer station with a set of 10 to100 low-power waterproof transformer stations installed in open underground pits such as:
  • Construction site lighting
  • Traffic lane lighting
  • Park lighting
  • Fence lighting and lighting monitored areas
  • Security lighting
Securing the power supply of the radioactivity measuring sensors (KRS loop). Making a 5500 V network with watertight transformers in the backup of 20kV network.

Mobile transformer stations 200 kVA and 400 kVA 6600 V / 400 V, combined with on load switch constitute the 6.6 kV loop providing the energy required for maintenance of the power plant.


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