Road Equipment

AUGIER’s historical activity: over 1000 roads and motorways worldwide are powered with AUGIER’s energy transport solutions

To secure and streamline the traffic and inform road users, roads must be equipped with numerous materials requiring a power supply. AUGIER energy transport solutions are particularly suitable for the supply of these materials.

AUGIER’s solutions provide power supply to receptors over a distance of up to 50km, for example:

  • Powering LED lamps or traditional lamps, such as high pressure sodium HPS lamps
  • Powering variable message signs
  • Supplying power to rest areas
  • Powering radars
  • Powering video surveillance cameras
  • Powering radio masts
  • Powering weather stations
  • Powering gates

AUGIER’s step-down substations are watertight, IP68 and are particularly robust. They can be installed in an underground pit.


Discover our references around the world using AUGIER technologies.

Project Mafraq highway lighting

Project Mafraq highway lighting

Project feautures TOTAL POWER: 6000 kVA TRANSPORT VOLTAGE: 6600 V NETWORK DISTANCE: 74 KM LOCATION: Mafraq, UAE YEAR: 2010 PROJECT OBJECTIVES Powering highway lighting, 90 km long with more than 1500 poles each of 2000W. CUSTOMER NEEDS Cope with inadequate energy...