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Augier Energy is located in South of France, in the Alpes Maritimes department, au few minutes drive from Nice Cote d'Azur international airport.

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Zone Industrielle

1ère Avenue 13éme - BP131

06513 Carros France


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Use our contact form contact or contact our sales service by phone : 0033 (0)4 92 08 62 00, from Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM.

Why choose AUGIER ?

Augier is the leader in alternative solutions to traditional energy transport. Augier has more than 50 years of innovation at your service.

What is the difference between AUGIER solutions and low voltage?

Augier solutions use superior voltage domains to the usual 230 V – 400 V. Our solutions allow you to reduce the cable sections and therefore make savings. Our solution MLV (maximum low voltage 950V) permits the supply of energy to longer distances with reduced cable cross section, all while remaining in the low voltage domain.

What is HTI?

HTI is high intermediate voltage  (3200V – 5500V – 6600V). These voltages are in between low voltage (LV) and high voltage (MV). HTI is also called HTA-EP in the regulation NFC 17-200.

How long do AUGIER products last?

In normal usage conditions, the longevity of our transformers is exemplary. Some of our first ever transformers installed in Rungis Halls forty years ago are still working today.

Why are your watertight transformers made of resin?

Resin is isolating, it enables reduced isolation distances. But above all, resin is incorrodable and therefore weatherproof.

Do you have transformers with a voltage of 11kV and over (20kV / 30kV)?

Yes and no. We manufacture MV/HTI transformer stations, so we therefore make transformers with 20 kV / 5400 V suited to our applications of energy transport. However, our waterproof transformers solely have a voltage range of 950V to 6600V.

Do you have transformers with power greater than 630kVA?

We manufacture MV / HTI power transformers with a power of up to 1600 kVA. Our watertight transformers are limited to 160 kVA.

Do you have LV/LV isolation transformers?

No, this product is not included in our range. Isolation transformers are a standard product which can be found at numerous manufacturers

Do you make transformers for outdoor installations?

Yes, they are particularly suitable for exterior installations. Our transformers are waterproof, they can be installed in pits and function under one meter of water.
Furthermore, our transformers are real electrical substations, they integrate the MV and LV electrical protections.

Do you have high voltage cells with 11kV or more?

No, our range of MV cells is dedicated to the HTA-EP network, with an isolation tension of 7.2 kV.

Do you have cells with on load switch, circuit breaker, counting?

Our medium voltage cells are isolating switch, on load switch or contactor types. We don’t offer circuit breaker or counting cells.

Do you have transformers in stock?

No, all of our transformers are manufactured to order.

Do you hire out your material?

No, our products are only for sale.

Which regulations do your products comply with?

Augier products conform to both French and International regulations. For example, power transformers comply with CEI 76, watertight transformers IP68 comply with NF C 52-140, and electric cells with medium voltage comply with CEI – NF 62271.

Where do your products come from?

Our products are all made within France and the European Union. Our products are manufactured in our factory in Carros in the Maritime Alps close to Nice.

Are your studies free?

Augier assists you with your project and carries out fundamental tests for installations such as: outdoor lighting, supplying power to remote receives from 500m. The cost of these study is integrated in the net price.

Are your products adapted to demanding sites such as the nuclear / petrol sectors?

Yes, our products are used in sensitive sites. They are certified and installed for Oil & Gas applications and Nuclear applications (Type tests). We have made our references accessible on our website so they are at your disposition.

What is your warranty duration?

Our guarantee period lasts for one year after installation. This is extendable upon request.

How can I work with Augier? (as an installer, engineer, public institution, final client)

Do you have a project? Contact us, our experts are at your disposition to find together the best solution for your needs.

What is the delay for your range of products?

The delay depends on quantities. On average, the delay period for watertight transformers is around 4 weeks. For a bigger project with medium voltage cells, transformers and supervision the delay period is around 10 weeks.


Are the 7.2 kV cells bulky?

Augier cells are the least cumbersome in the market; it is possible to perform three functions (for example three contactors) with a width of 750mm.

Is it difficult to interpret the information displayed on the cell?

The new Augier cells are equipped with a tactile screen with a clear display of the messages. An intuitive navigation also gives access to different parameters such as Smartphones.

How do you measure MV voltage?

With the CEP15 standard version, MV voltage is displayed on the tactile screen. This voltage reading then enables you to calculate the power consumed by each contactor.

How do you monitor the lighting network when they’re not functioning during the day?

The switches can be equipped with a daytime supervision fitting in order to monitor the insulation of the cable when the power is off. Only Augier offers this function which prevents short-circuit interlocking.

Is it possible to install the new generation CEP cells in place of old generation cells?

Yes of course, the new CEP15 cells have the same size and the same layout as the old cells.

What is the difference between Augier’s medium voltage cells and other cells in the market?

Augier’s cells are essentially contactor cells with digital protection (unbalanced current and line current) specially developed for powering large networks. The safety of intervening technicians is at the heart of our concerns, therefore our cells are equipped with a removable trolley, equipped with a locking system.

Can Augier’s MV cells for supplying power for road lighting replace AREVA cells?

Until 2012, Areva had manufactured the cells for the lighting network power supply. Today, Areva no longer offers spare parts. Augier’s cells have all the technical characteristics that can replace Areva’s cells. The reduced size of Augier’s cells facilitates this replacement.


Are cable-heads easy to make?

MV TER terminals are unipolar terminals. At Augier, we have been very attentive in designing a simple but effective connection. The construction doesn’t require any specific tools, implementation of thimble and heat-shrink sleeves.

How do you protect the low voltage TER step-down transformers?

Protection is not integrated in the TER, it is offered separately in an IP67 cabinet that is installed in a pit. It is possible to protect the network with fuses or a circuit breaker associated with the TER’s thermal probe.

Are authorised personnel required to intervene on TER transformers?

Yes, certified workers are mandatory for high voltage networks, for the installers it’s a good way of putting their skills to practise and differentiating their abilities.

For 950V networks we stay in the low voltage domain since this is a lot simpler.

What is the power range for TER watertight transformers?

The transformers are available from 1 to 160 kVA and adapt to different types of networks:

Single-phase transformers for single-phase networks,

Single-phase transformers for three-phase networks,

Three-phase transformers for three-phase networks, we have even made a three-phase transformers with a power of 250 kVA.

Does the TER connection need BIP?

The TER terminals are unipolar, the BIP has been deleted with our new connection.

Does Augier provide training for manufacturing the plug-in heads for watertight transformers?

Augier offers services for user training and on-site assistance to assist you with the proper implementation of material.

Are watertight transformers more expensive than ordinary transformers?

It is impossible to compare a waterproof transformer with a traditional transformer. It is not just a transformer, it is also an autonomous substation, integrating medium voltage electrical protection. The substations can also function under one metre of water.


How does the Augier Box II help me monitor my electrical installation?

With the help of numerous inputs/outputs and different communication ports, the AUGIER BOX II is able to monitor numerous parameters: dry contacts, tele input information, communication with the Compacto, energy meter, lighting control system and network.

How will I be informed if a fault occurs with my installation?

The AUGIER BOX II is equipped with a modem that enables it to send an SMS/email to an on-call technician or a monitor to signal that there is a fault with the installation.

How do you find the information on the AUGIER BOX II to find out the state of the installation?

The information will be available via a web server made accessible after the equipment is connected to the internet: PC, tablet, smartphone.

How do you protect access to information?

All access and information to the AUGIER BOX II is secured. The WiFi parameter is secured (password and network WiFiWPA2), SMS controls are protected by password and access by a supervision system is as equally secured using VPN technology (Virtual Private Network).

Is it possible to manage several electrical cabinets?

The AUGIER BOX II is equipped with two control relays for managing the cabinets.
The AUGIER BOX II integrates quickly into a supervision system thanks to its communication protocols: FTP, http, as well as integrated GPS that will simplify its geolocation.

What is the difference between AUGIER BOX I and AUGIER BOX II?

AUGIER BOX I controls lighting via one control relay and monitors the data of the cabinet (consumption and two dry contacts). AUGIER BOX II has two control relays and monitors: 8 dry contacts, your network meter and any equipment in the cabinet (energy meter, segment controller, TES module and any other communicating equipment).


Can you program saving periods with a particular schedule, such as public holidays?

The COMPACTO manages a multi-cycle functioning system, differentiating the week from the weekend, the four seasons as well as eight public holidays per year, adapting to all special cases.
“I already have a lighting management system with a contactor-controlled astronomical clock, so I can’t add another…”
This is the simplest installation case: the COMPACTO is just inserted in the output of the lighting switch. It will be powered when the switch closes.

How do I order lighting with the installation that includes a COMPACTO?

The COMPACTO incorporates an astronomical clock, and can manage the lighting switch directly.

Does the COMPACTO rive work with LED lights?

For LED applications, manufacturers offer LED drives compatible with our COMPACTO (Philips, Ragni, Sogexi, OSRAM…). We can provide several references upon request.

Does the COMPACTO drive work with electronic ballasts?

For new installations, there are now electronic ballasts (as for the LEDs) that are dimmable by voltage or by separate input, which facilitates use of the COMPACTO and makes the same savings.
We can provide several references.

Is the COMPACTO compatible with networks without neutralthe pole being powered between phases?

The COMPACTO is intended to adapt to all networks.
In three-phase networks, the 3 phases are independent but obey the same cycles.

Is the COMPACTO difficult to program?

The COMPACTO is a black box that manages itself, we forget it!
It’s a Plug & Play device. It is possible to change the settings with the software provided for free.


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